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We maintain relationships with several financial institutions and mortgage brokers to provided our clients with cost effective loan options.

What Is Pre-Qualification vs. Pre-Approval?

Pre-qualification is a casual discussion between the borrower and bank. The loan specialist gauges the sum that you can obtain based on your income and assets. Prequalification has no legal binding and the bank is not bound to make the loan when you are prepared to purchase your new home. Loan pre-approval on the other hand, is determined by archived and checked data with respect to your employment, your salary, your liabilities, your assets and the cash you have accessible to close on a home buy.
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What Can Pre-Qualification Do For Me?

Getting pre-qualified offers you some assistance with determining the loan amount you can afford, based on particular money related information you give to a bank. The bank does not confirm this data, and subsequently there is no assurance you will meet all requirements for the loan amount.
Getting pre-qualified requires that the loan specialist confirm your monetary information, and serves as a promise to loan a predefined sum taking into account that checked data. There is ordinarily no cost included in acquiring a pre-qualification however a bank might charge an expense to give a pre-approval letter. A pre-approval letter provides you noteworthy purchasing power with a seller who recognizes you will be guaranteed for a loan. Speak wait a Cornerstone Realty agent in the event that you are uncertain about which direction to go.
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