How to Prevent The 3 Most Common Moving Nightmares

Moving is stressful, period. Here are three ways to prevent your moving experience from turning into a nightmare!

Bad Movers

  • Arrive late or are no-shows
  • Portray carelessness or inexperience
  • Are unmarked swindlers

The good news: this is an easy one to avoid. Research your moving company before hiring them and make sure they are licensed, insured, and experienced! You may also want to purchase insurance for your more sacred items, just in case!

Traffic problems

  • Traffic jams/accidents
  • The breakdown
  • Parking trouble

Unfortunately, traffic jams, accidents and/or breakdowns are not something you can avoid. However, reserving a parking place right in front your home is an easy out of a messy traffic situation when moving in and out!

Poor organization

Plan appropriately and always be one step ahead! You want to try and avoid these common issues at all costs:

  • Not marking your packing boxes appropriately
  • Not being ready for when the movers arrive
  • Incomplete paperwork and transfer of services (utilities, update of license address, etc)
  • Overspending your budget

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